Friday, April 21, 2006

Keep on Passing the Collection Plate…

Yesterday, we took pleasure in gloating over the financial difficulties of the Christian Coalition.

Today we’re turning our attentions to the financial difficulties of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, which recently opened its books to the public.

As if to prove that crime doesn’t pay, can you match the dollar figure to its corresponding fact?

1) $46 million
2) $68 million
3) $135 million
4) $150 million

A. The Church’s current operating budget deficit
B. The amount paid in settlements related to sexual abuse by priests
C. The unfunded pensions for Church clergymen
D. The amount the Church raised by selling the archbishops residence and other administrative buildings.

1) A: The Church’s budget deficit is $46 million
2) D: It raised $68 million by selling Church property
3) C: It is on the hook for $135 million in clergymen’s pensions that are currently unfunded
4) B: And it has paid $150 million in sexual abuse settlements

Said Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, “I think it’s quite obvious that our situation is urgent, is dire.”

So, just why was the Church so forthcoming about it’s financial problems? It is hoping that by pleading poor, parishioners will start to give more at the collection plate!


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