Friday, May 05, 2006

Phoning It In

Rep. Don Sherwood (R-Pa.) wants to bolster his chances of winning the upcoming May 16 primary in his state. And God knows, he needs help. Sherwood’s reputation took a beating (no pun intended) when he finally admitted to having a five-year affair with a younger woman who later sued him, accusing him of abuse, including choking her. The former couple reached an out-of-court settlement in November, and neither has disclosed any details.

So to polish up his image and invigorate voters, the sullied Sherwood has enlisted THIS outspoken poster boy of the Christian right to make automated phone calls to voters on his behalf that say, in part: “Today I’m calling to ask a favor of you… I need you to join me in supporting Don Sherwood for reelection.”

Who is Sherwood’s devout supporter?

A. Rick Santorum
B. Pat Robertson
C. Mel Gibson
D. James Dobson

A: Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), the outspoken conservative Catholic who’s always on the bandwagon about being virtuous and honoring good old Biblical values. His most recent book is titled: “It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good.” Funny, Santorum apparently doesn’t have a problem with a married man not only breaking his holy vows of marriage to his wife and God, but as if that weren’t enough, Sherwood was also allegedly beating his young mistress. Ah, the hypocrisy.


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