Friday, May 12, 2006

Chip's Ahoy!

We at Holier Than Thou just can’t get enough of stories like this.

Seems that over the Easter break, an elderly woman in Florida had just opened a bag of potato chips and was popping one into her mouth when her husband yelled out “stop!”

And there it was, on that very chip, plain for all to see (or at least for this couple), the image of a famed Christian figure in an iconic religious scene.

The religious chip found its way to the couple’s grandson, who is naturally offering it for sale on e-Bay, positing that “maybe this chip will help the winner live into their 80s, like my Grandparents.”

So, just what religious figure can be found on this holy-enough-to-sell-to-suckers-on-e-Bay potato chip?

We’ll even give you a hint: It’s not Jesus, nor is it the Virgin Mary — both of whom have been known to send messages to the faithful by appearing in artery-clogging snack foods.

A. Pope John Paul II sitting at his Vatican window
B. Mother Teresa healing a leper
C. Moses holding the 10 Commandments
D. Lott’s Wife turning to salt
E. Pat Robertson selling a can of Pat’s Age Defying Shake

C. Moses holding the 10 Commandments. So there you have it, dear reader, as the e-Bay posting says, “This is truly one of a kind. Bid with confidence.” We’ll pass.


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