Friday, December 15, 2006

Third Time’s a Charm

Can’t any of these guys keep their pants on?

First came the Rev. Ted Haggard, who had to resign from his mega-church over drug and gay sex allegations. Next came the Rev. Paul Barnes, who had to step down from his Grace Chapel near Denver over admitted homosexual liaisons.

Now comes word that Aaron Niles, a 20-year-old former church camp leader at the Super Summer Baptist Camp in Greenville, Ill., was just ensnared in his own sexual scandal. What did he do?

A. Had a child out of wedlock with his pastor’s 46 year old wife
B. Fondled three young boys on the Greenville Little League team he coached
C. Tried to get young girls to pose partially naked or perform sex acts on camera
D. Moonlighted as a transvestite prostitute in Chicago after Sunday services

C: Niles, whose online chat room name is “godrocks30,” was arrested on three counts of child pornography and one count of indecent solicitation of a child. At least one of his victims apparently met Niles at the church camp he worked at. Police are still combing through Niles computer, and further charges are expected.

“We hurt for the families who have been hurt by this,” said First Baptist Church pastor Jonathan Peters in a statement to his flock. “We, as the leadership of this church family, have done our best to both protect our church and to demonstrate compassion to everyone involved. We have sought to show love without leniency.”


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